Investment Strategy


ABL Real Estate vision for the future is based on our principles of quality, innovation and integrity. We are fully committed to all our stakeholders including tenants.

Our investment strategy is to maximize returns on equity invested through the origination, acquisition, financing and active management of real estate .

ABL Real Estate’s team has a very large network of established contacts throughout the residential and commercial real estate asset , as well as the banking and advisory sectors.

ABL Real Estate presents several investment opportunities, and we offer products that are well suited for a wide range of investors.

Our objective is to identify attractive real estate investment opportunities that result in solid returns for our investors. Each investor is unique and we work closely with you to identify your short and long term goals. This process allows us to recommend the best options that match your needs.

We help you invest in the more opportunistic investments in real estate and advise throughout the whole process.


We help you invest in the more opportunistic investments in real estate and advise throughout the whole process.

Core investments are considered to be the least risky because they often target stabilized, fully leased, secure investments in major core markets. These include properties with long term leases in place to high credit tenants and Class A buildings in highly desirable locations.

Value Added real estate investments typically target properties that have in-place cash flow, but seek to increase that cash flow over time by making improvements to or repositioning the property.

Once the operator has successfully increased the net operating income at the property, they typically seek to sell the asset to capture the resulting appreciation in value.

Opportunistic real estate investments follow the value add approach but take it a step further on the risk spectrum.

Opportunistic properties tend to need significant rehabilitation in order to realize their potential. Often times these assets will be fully vacant at the time of acquisition.

These types of projects offer the highest level of return, but also bear the most risk as there is no cash flow at the time of acquisition

It's time to make a smart investment